Taking lessons with Cheryl Brankel was true experience in helping me learn to play golf. After she fitted me with my own custom made Henry-Griffitts irons and driver, I am now able to get the balls off the Ground!! Kudos to Cheryl for her consistent patience.

Cheryl Calvert - Bolivia, NC

I just wanted to let you know how much you were of assistance during the golf school.  I've continued work on the swing concepts you gave – all I can say is what a difference! I am now able to produce a draw at will and fade the ball when needed (well at least the majority of the time).  When I arrived at the school, I was in a struggle to break 100 on any par 72 course, and my handicap was certainly showing it at 20.  I've played 7 rounds since the school – all with scores between 85 and 89 (not even a round in the 90's).  This is all I've ever asked for – to consistently score in the 80's.  Certainly, I’ll try to continue improving. But needless to say, I'm very happy. Again – Thanks!

Dwayne D. - Asheville, NC

I have been waiting to write this since attending the golf school in March 2005.  One of my goals for attending the school was to break 90.  I am happy to say that last week, I shot 88 and yesterday I shot an 89!  My playing partner and I always play for a Starbucks coffee and finally I won!  I feel it is a direct result of being faithful to the instruction (and practice regimen you were kind enough to send) you gave me – my playing partner frequently says, "Just do whatever Cheryl told you to do."  Thank you so much for all your help – you have added to my enjoyment of golf immensely!

Dr. Robert B. - Richmond, VA

Having taken too many golf lessons to mention, this was by far the informative, hands on by the instructor.  And for the first time I have come away with a true understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing.  In closing, when we come to Myrtle Beach each spring, an appointment will be made with Cheryl for a tune-up.

Steve G. - N. Bennington, VT

Cheryl is laid back and not intimidating!  I was helped to do better, not just to change.  I am handicapped and Cheryl has helped me, very encouraging, warm and friendly. Thank you – Thank you!

Richard B. - Radford, VA